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I have had a passion for photography since I first picked up a camera in Junior High School. I knew I was destined to work with images as I was always very visual and seemed to lean towards the arts. While acting one day at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego I decided to become a film maker, but first I would study photography to learn what it took to make one good image. This is what hooked me as I began to become more proficient at this skill. I found that I was especially adept at working with people and making them feel at ease in front of the camera. With this I created a niche of sorts photographing millionaires and movie stars, weddings and bar mitzvah’s, events and festivals.

After many years of shooting I wanted to give back so I began to teach college. I found this very rewarding and still do. I also teach at the High School Level which is a learning experience daily.

I still do private events, weddings, portraits and the likes but now I have a new passion and that is Art. Photographing for myself to create works that are uniquely mine, that express my thoughts or beliefs, my hopes and dreams. This is what really gets my creative juices going and I love to create! So rather it’s a portrait session, your wedding, or a guided photo shoot I’m all there. Ready to make your day, photo, event or experience special and elegant always with a touch of class.

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